Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital: Baku
Major cities: Gyandzha
Population: 7,391,000 people
Area: 87,000 km2
Currency: 1 manat = 100 gopik
Languages: Azerbaijani (Turkish), Russian

During some years Azerbaijan provided unrestricted access for imported medical goods to the local market without official marketing authorization. Any pharmaceutical products, biological supplements and medical supplies were freely imported to the country. For the last 2 years the regulatory system has been subject to modification and harmonization in accordance with WHO requirements. The National Assembly of Azerbaijan passed the "Law on medical products".

This law claims stricter requirements for drugs import and advertisement. Regulatory requirements have some specific points but are in general very close to rules in effect in the majority of the CIS countries. The language of labeling of medicinal products, except for medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics is English, together with any other foreign language including Russian. Timelines vary from 4 to 6 months.

Formal charges in the course of the whole procedure may amount to up to USD 2,000, also depending on the type of product and the steps of the registration procedure.